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The Life You Were Meant to Live

05/01/2011The Way We Were (Eph. 2: 1-7)
05/08/2011You Got the Power (Eph. 1: 15-23)
05/15/2011Putting On Your Easter Outfit (Eph. 4: 17-32)
05/22/2011The Greatest Force in the Universe (Eph. 3:14-21)
05/29/2011Battle Ready (Eph. 6: 10-20)  (A Memorial Day Tribute to Those Engaged in the Greatest Conflict of All) 
06/05/2011If We Are the Body (Eph. 4: 1-16)  (Ascension Sunday)

06/12/2011Light of the Spirit (Acts 2:1-21, John 20:19-23 (Guest Preacher, Tim Whalen)
06/19/2011Christmas in June (Matt. 1:18-25) (Guest Preacher, Tim Whalen)
06/26/2011The Book That Changed the World--and Twenty Weeks That Could Change Your Life (Psalm 119:9-24)
07/03/2011Special Guest Andew Haas, Trans World Radio-South Africa
07/10/2011Religion 101 (Michah 6:1-8)
07/17/2011VBS Sunday
07/24/2011Small Packages (Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52)
07/31/2011Is the Bible Literally True? (II Timothy 3:14-17)
Worship Sunday Mornings @ 10:15
08/07/2011Will Presbyterians Get Left Behind?  (A Look at Rapture Theology) (I Thessalonians 4:13-18)
08/14/2011Do Buddhist Go to Heaven? (Christianity and World Religions) (John 3:1-8)
08/21/2011Were There Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark  (The Bible and Sciences)  (Genesis 1:1-31)
08/28/2011Where is God When it Hurts?  (The Problem of Suffering) (Romans 5:1-5
Labor Day
09/04/2011Changing Bosses (Collossians 3:22-25)
E100 Challenge Preaching Series Old Testament

09/11/2011Meet the Author (Genesis 1, John 1)
09/18/2011Not The Way it's Supposed to Be (Genesis 3:1-7)
09/25/2011Blessed to Be a Blessing (Genesis 12:1-9)
10/02/2011The Secret of Forgiveness  (Genesis 45)
10/09/2011Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea  (Exodus 12)
10/16/2011Values to Live By  (Exodus 19)
10/23/2011"Dropping the Baton" (Judges 2)
10/30/2011"A Model of Leadership  (2 Samuel 5)
11/06/2011God Moves in Mysterious Ways (I Kings 25:1-12)
11/13/2011You'll Never Walk Alone (Psalm 23 KJV)
11/20/2011The Wounded Healer (Isaiah 52:13-53:12
Advent 2011:  The Genesis Christmas Story

11/27/2011Evil Crushed (Genesis 3:8-19)
12/04/2011Blessing to the Nations (Genesis 12:1-3,  Galatians 3:6-9)
12/11/2011Peaceful Rule (Genesis 49:8-12; 1:26-33)
12/18/2011Come Home for Christmas (a Christmas pageant)

01/15/2012Model Christian (John 1:34-51)  Guest Preacher, Tim Whalen
E100 Challenge Preaching Series Old Testament

01/08/2012 Anointed to Serve (Matthew 3:13-17)
01/22/2012  Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Worship (Matthew 5:38-48)
01/29/2012 A Sign of Things to Come (John 11:38-53)
02/05/2012  Paid in Full (John 19:16b-21, 28-30)
02/12/2012  Never Say Never ( Acts 11:1-18)
02/19/2012  Sailing Off to Change the World ( Acts 11:19-30)
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Lenten Sermon Series: Old Testament Images of the Cross 

02/26/2012     (First Sunday in Lent):  "The Ram in the Thicket"  (Genesis 22:1-18)
03/04/2012     (Second Sunday in Lent):   "The Passover Lamb"  (Exodus 12:1-13)
03/11/2012     (Third Sunday in Lent):  "The Rock that Was Struck"  (Exodus 17:1-7)
03/18/2012     (Fourth Sunday in Lent):  "The Bronze Serpent"  (Numbers 21:4-9)
03/25/2012     (Fifth Sunday in Lent):  "The Forsaken Sufferer"  (Psalm 22:1-22)
04/01/2012     (Palm Sunday):  "The Smitten Shepherd King"  (Zechariah 13:1-9)
04/08/2012     (Easter Sunday):  "  The Rejected Stone"  (Psalm 118:19-24)

E-100 Series
The E100 Challenge series concludes with four blocks of readings from New Testament epistles and the Book of Revelation. As we consider this portion of the Bible, which is foundational for Christian faith and life, we’ll be looking at how it helps us regain our focus in four basic areas:

04/15/12      “Focus on Christ”,(Colossians 1:15-23) Readings 81-85: Paul to the Churches
04/22/12      “Focus on Scripture” (2 Timothy 3:14-4:8) Readings 86-90: Paul to the Leaders
04/29/12      “Focus on Love” (1 John 4:7-12, 16b, 19-21) Readings 91-95: The Apostles’ Teaching
05/06/12      “Focus on Eternity” (Revelation 21:1-4) Readings 96-100: The Revelation
Mother's Day  
05/13/2012     "Power of Praying Moms (and Grandmoms)​ (2 Timothy 1:3-7)
05/20/2012     "Serving to Lead" (1 Peter 5:1-5)
05/27/2012     "One Message, Many Tongues" (Acts 2:1-13)
"How to be a Wise Guy or Gal"  Lessons From Proverbs
Romans "Dynamite Good News of the Gospel"

09/09/2012​​  ​  ​"Making the Cut" (Gridiron Grit:  Leadership Lessons for the Game of Life, Part 1)

"How to Be a Wise Guy or Gal"  Lessons From the Book of Proverbs

06/09/2013  "Go Where Wisdom's Found" (Proverbs 8:1-14, 10-14, 22-31)
​06/16/2013  "Honor Your Parents (And What They Represent),  (Proverbs 1:8-9; 4:1-6) 
​06/23/2013  "Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously" (Selected Readings from Proverbs)
06/30/2013  "Trust God" (Proverbs 3:1-8)
07/07/2013​  "How to Cultivate Healthy Friendships"  (Selected readings from Proverbs)

07/14/2013  "Spotlight VBS"
07/21/2013  "The One Right Thing"  Guest Preacher, Rev. Hal Mills
07/28/2013  "Mission Sunday" Guest Preacher, Thomas Johnson (RCA Missionary, Niger)
08/04/2013  "A Visit From Circuit Rider Preacher, Joseph Badger, Reflections on the War of 1812'

"How to Be a Wise Guy or Gal" Lessons From the Book of Proverbs (continues)
08/11/2013  "
08/18/2013  "
08/25/2013  "  
09/01/2013  "
Fall Preaching Series

09/08/2013  "Before There was Time"
09/15/2013  "The One Who's Supreme"
09/22/2013  "The Second Chance"
09/29/2013  "When Religion is the Problem"
10/06/2013  "
10/13/2013  "
10/20/2013  "
10/27/2013  "The Battle Belongs to the Lord"
11/03/2013  "The True Test of Leadership"
11/10/2013  "An Unlikely Leader From An Unlikely Place"
11/17/2013  "What's in a Name?"
11/24/2013  "The Attitude of Gratitude"      Rev. Hal Mills

12/01/2013  "People of Advent in Anticipation"  Dr. John Roush
12/08/2013  "
12/15/2013  "The Moment All Creation Held Its Breath"
12/22/2013  "We Need a Little Christmas"
12/29/2013  "First Sunday after Christmas Day"

Winter Preaching Series
01/05/2014  "This is My Son"
01/12/2014  "The Jesus Christ Salt and Light Company"
01/19/2014  "The Revolutionary Formula"
01/26/2014  "Will you be my Neighbor"
02/02/2014  "
02/09/2014  "Waiting for the Harvest"
02/16/2014  "We're All Connected"
02/23/2014  "Fear Factor"
03/02/2014  "Risky Faith"

Lenten Preaching Series

03/09/2014  "Seeing is Believing"   
03/23/2014 "Final Requests"
04/06/2014 "A Life Worth Dying For"
04/13/2014 "How to Live and How to Die"
​04/20/2014 "The Day Fairy Tales Came True"
04/27/2014 "Imagine a World Without Easter"
​05/04/2014 "Above the Fray"
05/11/2014  "The Comfort of His Coming"
05/25/2014   "Passport to Eternity"
06/01/2014   "The Essential Jesus Challenge"
06/08/2014   "What Was the Gift?"
​09/07/2014   "The God Who Is There"
09/14/2014    "Gloriously Human"
​09/21/2014    "When Adam Met Eve"
09/28/2014    "Trouble in Paradise"
10/05/2014    "The Seeking God"
10/12/2014    "Stepping Out into the Great Unknown"
10/19/2014    "Be Careful Where You Pitch Your Tent"
​10/26/2014     "God's Little Helpers"
11/09/2014   "The Final Exam in the School of Faith"
11/16/2014   "Switching the Price Tags"
11/23/2014   "Stairway to Heaven"
12/07/2014   "Rudolf and Good News for Misfits"
12/14/2014   "Charlie Brown's Christmas and the Story
                    that Changes Everything"
​12/21/2014  "How the Grinch Found Christmas and You Can Too"
​12/24/2014  "The Whole Story of Christmas"
​12/28/2014  "The Christ of Christmas: A Carol Service"

01/18/2015  "Needing the Dream- Now More than Ever"
01/25/2015  "The Success Formula"
02/08/2015  "The Magnificent Defeat"
02/22/2015  "Pride:It's All About ME"  Deadly Desires Pt. 1 
03/01/2015  "Envy--Rank Obsession"  Deadly Desires Pt. 2
03/08/2015  "Sloth(Acedia):The Ultimate in Carefree Living"  Pt. 3
03/15/2015  "Greed: When Things Become My Identity"   Pt. 4