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Lessons From the Book of Proverbs

06/09/2013  "Go Where Wisdom's Found" (Proverbs 8:1-14, 10-14, 22-31)
​06/16/2013  "Honor Your Parents (And What They Represent)" (Proverbs 1:8-9; 4:1-6) 
​06/23/2013  "Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously" (Selected readings from Proverbs)
06/30/2013  "Trust God" (Proverbs 3:1-8)
07/07/2013​  "Cultivate Healthy Friendships"  (Selected readings from Proverbs)

07/14/2013  "Spotlight VBS"
07/21/2013  "The One Right Thing"  Guest Preacher, Rev. Hal Mills
07/28/2013  "Mission Sunday" Guest Preacher, Thomas Johnson 
                    (RCA Missionary, Niger)
08/04/2013  "A Visit From Circuit Rider Preacher,
                    Joseph Badger, Reflections on the War of 1812'

"HOW TO BE A WISE GUY (OR GAL) continues
08/11/2013  "Watch What You Say" (Selected readings from Proverbs)
08/18/2013  "Manage Your Money Well" (Selected readings from Proverbs)
08/25/2013  "Control Your Anger" (Selected readings from Proverbs)
09/01/2013  "Work Hard" (Selected readings from Proverbs)

The Essential Jesus Challenge

09/08/2013  "Before There was Time" (John 1:1-18)
09/15/2013  "The One Who's Supreme" (Colossians 1:1-18)
09/22/2013  "The Second Chance" (Genesis 3:1-15)
09/29/2013  "When Religion is the Problem" (Amos 5)
10/06/2013  "How To Get Passed Over--and Be Glad About It" (Exodus 12:1-13)
10/13/2013  "So Close and Yet So Far" (1 Kings 8:1-11)
10/20/2013  "The Day God Turned His Back" (Psalm 22:1-22)
10/27/2013  "The Battle Belongs to the Lord"  (Psalm 110)
11/03/2013  "The True Test of Leadership" (Jeremiah 23:1-6)
11/10/2013  "An Unlikely Leader From An Unlikely Place" (Micah 5:1-5a)
11/17/2013  "What's in a Name?" (Isaiah 9:1-9)
11/24/2013  "The Attitude of Gratitude"      Rev. Hal Mills

12/01/2013  "People of Advent in Anticipation" (Isaiah 9:1-8)  Dr. John Roush
12/08/2013  "A Chip Off the Old Block" (Matthew 1:18-25)
12/15/2013  "The Moment All Creation Held Its Breath" (Luke 1:26-38)
12/22/2013  "We Need a Little Christmas" (Luke 2:1-14)
12/29/2013   Service of Carols and Reflections

01/05/2014  "This is My Son" (Matthew 3:1-17)
01/12/2014  "The Jesus Christ Salt and Light Company" (Matthew 5:1-16)
01/19/2014  "The Revolutionary Formula" (Matthew 5:38-48)
01/26/2014  "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" (Luke 10:25-37)
02/02/2014 (Scout Sunday) "It's Not Good Enough To Be An Eagle Scout" (Luke 15)
02/09/2014  "Waiting for the Harvest" (Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23)
02/16/2014  "We're All Connected"  (John 15:1-8)
02/23/2014  "Fear Factor" (Mark 4:35-41)
03/02/2014  "Risky Faith"  (Matthew 14:22-33)
03/09/2014  "Seeing is Believing"  (John 9:1-41) 
03/16/2014  "Mourning to Morning" (John 11)
03/23/2014 "Final Requests"  (John 17:1-26)
03/30/2014  "Soul Food" (John 6:25-35, 48-59)
04/06/2014 "A Life Worth Dying For" (Mark 8:27-38)
04/13/2014 (PALM SUNDAY) "How to Live and How to Die" (Luke 23:32-49)
​04/20/2014 (EASTER) "The Day Fairy Tales Came True"  (Mark 15:40-16:8)
04/27/2014 "Imagine a World Without Easter" (1 Corinthians 15:1-19)
​05/04/2014 "Above the Fray"  (Revelation 1:9-20)
05/11/2014  "The Comfort of His Coming"  (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)
​05/18/2014   "The City of the Lamb" (Revelation 21)
05/25/2014   "Passport to Eternity"  (John 3:1-17)
06/01/2014   "The Essential Jesus Challenge"  (Luke 9:18-27)
06/08/2014   (PENTECOST)  "What Was the Gift?"  (Acts 2:1-13)

Origins Make a Difference

​09/07/2014   "The God Who Is There"​  (Genesis 1:1-26)
09/14/2014    "Gloriously Human"  (Genesis 1:26-31)
​09/21/2014    "When Adam Met Eve"  (Genesis 2:18-25)
09/28/2014    "Trouble in Paradise"  (Genesis 3:1-7)
10/05/2014    "The Seeking God"  (Genesis 3:8-21)
10/12/2014    "Stepping Out into the Great Unknown"  (Genesis 12:1-9)
10/19/2014    "Be Careful Where You Pitch Your Tent" (Genesis 13:1-18)
​10/26/2014     "God's Little Helpers"  (Genesis 16:1-16)
11/02/2014     Dr. John Roush preaching
11/09/2014   "The Final Exam in the School of Faith" (Genesis 22:1-14)
11/16/2014   "Switching the Price Tags"  (Genesis 25:19-34)
11/23/2014   "Stairway to Heaven" (Genesis 28:10-22)

(Advent Series)

12/07/2014   "Rudolf and Good News for Misfits" (Luke 1:39-46)
12/14/2014   "Charlie Brown's Christmas and the Story
                    that Changes Everything"  (Luke 2:1-7)
​12/21/2014  "How the Grinch Found Christmas and You Can Too!"  (Luke 2:8-20)
​12/24/2014  "The Whole Story of Christmas" (CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE)
​12/28/2014  "The Christ of Christmas: A Carol Service"

01/18/2015  "Needing the Dream- Now More than Ever" (M. L. KING SUNDAY)

01/25/2015  "The Success Formula" (Genesis 30:25-42)
02/08/2015  "The Magnificent Defeat" (Genesis 32:22-32)

A Lively Look at the "Seven Deadly Sins"
 (Lenten Series)

02/22/2015  "Pride: It's All About ME"  Deadly Desires Pt. 1 
03/01/2015  "Envy: Rank Obsession"  Deadly Desires Pt. 2
03/08/2015  "Sloth (Acedia): The Ultimate in Carefree Living"  Pt. 3
03/15/2015  "Greed: When Things Become My Identity"   Pt. 4
03/29/2015  "Anger: Feasting on Righteous Indignation"  Pt. 6

Easter Before Jesus 
(Easter Series)
04/05/2015  "The Surprise That Wasn't"  (Luke 24:1-12)
​04/12/2015  "You Can't Keep A Good Man Down" (Psalm 16)
04/19/2015   "The Final Verdict" (Daniel 12:1-3)
​04/26/2015   "Hope Never Dies"  (Ezekiel 37:1-14)

05/03/2015   "Look How Far I've Had to Come"  (Genesis 35:1-15)
​05/10/2015   "Dysfunctional  R  Us"  (Genesis 37)
​05/17/2015    "Fatal Attraction" (Genesis 39:1-20)
05/24/2015    Dr. John Roush preaching
​05/31/2015    "Payback Time" (Genesis 45)
06/07/2015   "When Life Goes Wrong-and it's Not Your Fault"  (Genesis 50:15-21)

What Presbyterians Believe​

06/14/2015   "In Life and in Death We Belong to God"
                        (Belonging to God: What Presbyterians Believe, pt. 1)
07/19/2015  "Vindicating....Breaking....Delivering"
                   (Belonging to God: What Presbyterians Believe, pt 6)
07/26/2015  "Abba, Father" 
                   (Belonging to God: What Presbyterians Believe, pt 7)
08/16/2015  "Everywhere the Giver and Renewer of Life"
                   (Belonging to God: What Presbyterians Believe, pt 10)
08/23/2015  "The Spirit...Sets Us Free"
                    (Belonging to God: What Presbyterians Believe, pt 11)
08/30/2015  "The Spirit Rules Our Faith and Life"
​                    (Belonging to God: What Presbyterians Believe, pt 12)

​09/13/2015  "Discoveries Along the Journey - Summer Garden Getaway Tour"
                       The Seasons of Life- Sherri Kennedy
                       God is Making us Beautiful - Donna Cominsky
                       Walking with God - Linda Combs

Daniel's Message for Today

09/20/2015  "Babylon - Then and Now"  (Daniel 1)
09/27/2015  "Accommodation Without Compromise"  (Daniel 1)
10/04/2015  "The Great Leveler" (Daniel 2)
10/11/2015   "Taking a Lonely Stand"  (Daniel 3)
10/18/2015   "The Unlikeliest of Converts" (Daniel 4)

10/25/2015    "When Life Is Not Fair" 
                     (Rev. Hal Mills)
11/01/2015     "The Royal Lightweight"  (Daniel 5)
11/08/2015     "Always an Outsider"  (Daniel 6)
11/22/2015     "Something Special For Which to Give Thanks"
                            Dr, John Roush
11/29/2015      "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus"
                            Rev. Doug Bryant

(Advent Series)

12/06/2015      "The Perfect Time"
                           Getting Ready for Christmas, pt. 1
                          Rev. William J. McConnell
12/13/2015       "The Perfect Place"
                           Getting Ready for Christmas, pt. 2
                           Rev. William J. McConnell
12/20/2015        "The Perfect People"
                            Getting Ready for Christmas, pt. 3
                            Rev. William J. McConnell
12/27/2015         "A Visit From the Real St. Nicholas"
                            Rev. William J. McConnell & John McConnell
1/3/2016            "The Incorruptible Promise"
                            Jon Detwiler

A Biblical Approach

1/10/2016           "Beyond the Force"  (John 1:1-14)
                            (The Star Wars Gospel, pt 1)
                              Rev. William J. McConnell
1/17/2016            "Jesus and the Jedi"  (John 3:14-17)
                             (The Star Wars Gospel, pt 2)
                              Rev. William J. McConnell
​1/24/2016           "Resisting the Dark Side"  (John 6:1-15)
                             (The Star Wars Gospel, pt 3)
​                              Rev. William J. McConnell 
1/31/2016           "Returning to Your True Self" (John 10:11-18)
                             (The Star Wars Gospel, pt 4)
​                               Rev. William J. McConnell
2/7/2016              "A New Hope That's Real"
​                             (The Star Wars Gospel, pt 5)
​                                Rev. William J. McConnell

​2/14/2016          "CSI Jerusalem - Who (What) Killed Jesus:
                               Rule-Bound Religion (Pharisees)"
                                Rev. William J. McConnell
​2/21/2016           "CSI Jerusalem-Who killed Jesus:
                                Political Expediency"
                                 Rev. William J. McConnell
​2/28/2016            "CSI Jerusalem-Who killed Jesus:
​                               Economic Self-Interest (Chief Priests)"
                                 Rev. William J. McConnell

3/13/2016             "CSI Jerusalem-Who killed Jesus:
                               Moral Cowardice(Pilate)"
                                  Rev. William J. McConnell
3/20/2016              "CSI Jerusalem-Who killed Jesus:
                               Popular Opinion (The Crowd)"            
​                                   Rev. William J. McConnell
3/24/2016               "CSI Jerusalem-Who killed Jesus?
                                   All of Us"
                                        Rev. William J. McConnell
3/27/2016                "Why Are You Weeping"
                                    Rev. William J. McConnell
4/03/2016                "Seven Sayings at Daybreak:
                                'Greetings! Do Not Be Afraid'"
​                                    Rev. William J. McConnell
4/10/2016                 "Seven Sayings at Daybreak:
                                 'What Are You So Concerned About?"'            
                                    Rev. William J. McConnell
4/17/2016                   "Seven Sayings at Daybreak:
                                   "Peace Be With You'"        
                                     Rev. William J. McConnell

5/01/2016                    ''Seven Sayings at Daybreak:
                                    'Have You Caught Any Fish?''
                                      Rev. William J. McConnell
5/08/2016                    ''Seven Sayings at Daybreak:
​                                     'Wait For The Gift'''
​                                       Rev. William J. McConnell   
5/15/2016                    "Winds of Change"
                                       Rev. William J. McConnell

(Lenten Series)